10 Mistakes Parents Make Which Makes Them Lose The Kids Custody

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Are you going through the hard procedure of divorce and are about to lose the custody of your kid? If you are now reading this, you are one of those who are going through some court proceedings or are being involved in custody hearings. In all these years we have seen many parents making some silly mistakes which make them lose the custody of their kid. Let us read more about the ten common mistakes which are made by parents which make them lose the custody of their child. Read on to learn more.

10 worst mistakes

  • Going to your hearing without preparation

The very first hearing is only scheduled for about ten minutes and you need to go prepared for the same.

  • Not consulting a lawyer

Any legal issue, especially when it is about the custody of your kid, needs an experts service and advice. Do make sure you hire a family and custody lawyer who can help you with the same.

  • Not cooperating with your lawyer

Things can get worse if you do not discuss and provide all the needed information or documentation. If you are not transparent with your lawyer you can lose the case and also the custody of your kid.

  • Violation of Courts Orders

Always make sure you obey the orders which are entered by the court. Violating these orders can leave a negative impact on your case and also on your parenting.

  • Losing your temper

Never say things which you do not generally say. Losing your temper is losing it. One stupid act which is done with anger or frustration can cost you the custody.

  • Not cooperating with the guardian

Guardian is the person who is appointed by the court and not obeying the guardian can cause problems in your custody case.

  • Lying to your lawyer

Hiding facts or lying to your lawyer will not provide him with needed information to win the custody of your kids.

  • Neglecting your kids

Never placing the kids before you and leaving them alone without proper supervision. Not feeding them a healthy diet and so on will make you lose custody.

  • Talking dirty

his is never accepted by the court of law. So behave.

  • Disrespecting the other parent in front of the kids

Never talk bad about the other parent in front of your kids. Kids who go through such behavior are often diagnosed with “parental alienation syndrome.”

Always talk to your divorce attorney regarding the same to avoid any sudden shocks.

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