The 3 Ways Reckless Driving Attorneys Challenge the Traffic Radar

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Pulled over by police car

The three flaws related to the traffic radar design in Virginia were exposed by an accident attorney in Virginia. Almost all the police departments in all the states in Virginia are known to use the radar technology to issue the tickets. Some of the States like Maryland make use of cameras. With some relatively low speed levels in some portions of the state of Virginia, the risks are greater and one can easily be caught.

Do we need to care about the radar technology used?

This is one of the most common questions asked by many citizens. The initial way the police determine the speed of a vehicle is with the use of the technology and in many cases, technology is not perfect.

Some of the most common devices used to measure the speed in the State of Virginia are as follows:

  • Stationary Radar
  • LIDAR – which is radar and it relies on the pulses instead of Doppler
  • The Moving Mode Radar – this is the radar which one can find in a police cruiser

3 ways a reckless driving attorney can challenge a radar reading in Virginia

Errors by operators as well as the tech flaws are more often treated as unrelated topics. There are three errors or technological flaws of these traffic radars. They are:

  • Margin of Error
  • Harmonics
  • The Speed Tolerance and the change in speed

The Margin of error explains in itself and hence needs no introduction. Harmonics in simple terms refers to the return signal frequencies whenever any radar is used. The speed tolerance here refers to the rate of the vehicle when it increases or decreases its speed.

These are the three kinds of flaws which can be used by the attorneys in Virginia to fight their cases which are filed against reckless driving. If you feel you are issued a ticket with no fault of yours, you can certainly approach an attorney who will assist you further.

For more information on the driving laws, one can always refer to the official website of the state and the DUI attorney where they can find some tips which are relevant to the cases.

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