All About Civil Rights Movement You Should Know About!

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The Civil Rights Movement was one phase in the U.S which has introduced many big changes in the country which have made the base of today’s world. During 1950s and 1960s, legends like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X made everyone understand that every citizen of the U.S is equal. They have laid the foundation of equal and fair United States of America. Civil rights movement has taken many twist and turns to make sure the equality to the Black people of the country. People involved in this movement wanted that blacks should also be able to have equal opportunities in every aspect whether it’s education, career or politics in the country.

What was Civil Rights Movement?

During 1950s and 1960s, the African American population of the U.S has started an agitation in the form of the Civil Rights Movement to curb the inequality and improper behavior towards Blacks in the country. They demanded that everyone should have equal status and opportunity in the society and government apart from their creed, color, religion or race. They have challenged the racism openly and fought for their demands. This movement has laid the first brick of the foundation of the today’s liberal and understanding society of America. That is why that Racism has seen an end in most of the U.S today.

Civil rights Act: The Result of the Civil Right Movement was the implementation of the Civil Rights Act.

Civil Rights Act is a vast set of rules attached to it and is made of many parts. One such part is Title VII, according to which an employer cannot discriminate among employees based on their sex, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity or origin. It was considered as the landmark during Civil Rights Movement.

Other highly impacting movements of that era

During this period, other movements have also joined the Civil Rights movement and one of the major movement among them was Feminist movement which has end the discriminating behavior with women at workplace, home and in society as whole. Also Civil Rights Movement has encouraged the change in society and paves a way to movements like Fight against Age discrimination in 90s and equality for homosexual these days.

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