Copyrights, Patents, and Trademarks: Intellectual Property Protection

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There are three different ways that are used for protection of intellectual property, i.e. patents, copyrights and trademarks. All three of them are similar to each other in many ways. These ways protect the creator’s rights to his or her own creation. Only the scope of protection varies according to the conditions.

An overview of each of these protection methods for the security of intellectual property

  1. Copyrights

Under copyrights, the original works of the artist or creator are protected. Many items and products come under this category. Some of them are books, photographs, movies, architectural works, designs, etc.

Point to remember: For your own safety, it is better if you know that a copyright doesn’t secure an idea whether it is for a book or a business or a movie script or a song. It just safeguards the thing or the complete product itself.

Place of registration: The US Copyright office is responsible for handling official registrations.  Although this kind of IP protection of your rights will be provided by federal law.

  1. Patents

Patents are a protection method that is used to secure processes, researches, certain scientific discoveries and inventions. This kind of protection is popularly known as the ‘inventor’s intellectual property.’

Note: Patents are of three types and they are Design, Utility and Plant. The legal protection of your rights depends on the correctness of the application you filed for registration.

Place to file an application: These are filed under the authority of the US Patent and Trademark office. This office is located in Alexandria, Virginia.

  1. Trademarks

Important note: There are two ways to designate a trademark: (R) and the TM signs. But you need to be careful before choosing a trademark. (R) is used for registered trademarks only and TM is used to protect your intellectual property when your items are not registered or the registration application is pending.

Where to go: Trademarks are filed under the surveillance of the US Patent and Trademark office.

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