A Guide to Performing Pre-Employment Background Checks

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Whether it is a small company or a large brand, it is very crucial to do a background check of potential employees. Although being a professional or a business firm, they always know what the need of background check is, but still there are certain things they don’t know about. For instance, “what is needed to be checked,” “how should everything be checked,” “what are the restrictions & limits of this check” and there are many certain queries that are needed to be cleared before going for a background check.

Background checks are essential for the following reasons

While recruiting employees for your company or business, it is an amazing idea to collect as much information as possible about the candidates. This is to be ensured about the compatibility, reliability, and behavior and working capability of the candidate.

Limits of the employer & privacy rights of employees

There are some limits on such checks given under the privacy rights of the candidate. Employees sign the consent forms but a company must be ensured of not violating anyone’s personal rights. There had been certain cases in the past, where potential employees filed the case against the company on issue of violating their privacy rights. Therefore, just to avoid any problem or legal issue in future, businesses should know the do’s and don’ts of background checks beforehand.

Restrictions on background checks

A business firm or a company should have a well determined strategy to maintain the legality and validity of background check. Even if a company is adopting the idea of third party services for the background check, they should set some restrictions and know their policy. As an employer, a company is responsible for every single mistake happened due to the background check. For checking education records, consent of the individual is needed to be taken. While in case of credit reports (in USA), potential employers need to obtain a consent in writing from the concerned individual. Employers may consult the Fair Credit Reporting Act to know more about this check. One of the most important things to remember is that a copy is to be provided to that person who isn’t employed on the basis of information provided.

Background checks regarding criminal records are very complex and complicated process. In case of financial checks, certain things are needed to be taken care of. These checks include bankruptcy check, housing & education loan check, etc. The use of these records and information to discriminate someone is strictly prohibited

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