How much do bail bonds cost?

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All the bail bond companies are regulated by the department of Insurance. This insurance company charges every bail agency 10% of its total bail. There are some companies that charges less and even advertise itself less and that will be operating legally. The cost of the bail bond can vary depending upon the number of factors and some of those factors are listed below:

  • Whether you go in plea of bail agents or not.
  • The amount of the accused bail and that amount depend upon the crime done .lower the level of crime, lesser the bail amount similarly higher the level of crime, high is the bail amount.
  • The state where you reside plays a major role.
  • Whether you use credit card or loans to pay the bail fees and other bail related expenses.

Bail Agent fees: If you plan and decide to go for a bail from jail agent, then you must be ready to pay non-refundable fees of 10% to 15%of the total bail amount. This non-refundable fees covers all the fees in that 10% – 15% in collecting your bail. The exact fees of the bail agents vary depending upon the state where you reside because each state has their own services charges.


Additional cost factors:

The other charges that are added to your bail bond are also non-refundable and that costs you about $10.If you use a bail bond, a non-refundable fees of $25- $35 will be charged by the insurance company which underwrites your bond through your bail agents. So totally an additional charge of 10% – 15% fees has to be paid. If you choose to pay the bail amount by any mode of payment other than paying directly you will not be subjected to any insurance fees or some other fees. So it is better advised to pay your bail amount through credit card.

Bail amount are fixed by the judge, which depends upon the level of crime. Most of the people will not be in a position to pay such a huge amount of money. In such a scenario it becomes necessary for the accused ones to put their homes, land deeds and jewellery for security to bail agents and get released from the hands of the jail in order to reach their loved ones. Reaching to the bail agent is the best and affordable solution. These bail agents has to work, as per the state rules and regulations. The amount can’t be increased or decreased by the bail agents on any condition.


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