How to Get Child Custody as a Father? The Answer May Amaze You

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It is often believed that mothers always win the child custody after divorce, but that is not accurately true. In recent times, as more and more women having professional lives, child custody battles between divorcing parents have become more complicated. Both parents need a qualified child custody lawyer to sort out the child custody matters.

Child Custody for Fathers

Legally, both mother and father have equal chances of getting child custody. Based on earning, health, education, circumstances and record of the parent, Family Court Judge awards the child custody to either parent. However, parents can also opt for shared custody where they both can keep their children turn by turn.

Even though family courts do not discriminate against gender, winning child custody is quite difficult for fathers. Whether it is full custody or joint custody, the child custody battle is always difficult for fathers, especially when mother is also filing for custody.

Tips for fathers to win child custody

#1: Pay Child Support Payments: Fathers who want to win child custody should regularly pay child support. A good track record of child support payment consolidates the father’s position in child custody battle. On the other hand, an irregular child support record goes against the father. To understand the technicalities and formalities associated with child support, you can consult with a child support attorney.

#2: Try building a strong bond with your child: When your children are not with you, you can call them daily and try meeting them on the regular basis. You can also visit your children’s school to check out their progress. You should make your best effort to avoid the effect of divorce on your children.

#3: Maintain accurate record: An accurate visitation schedule record is really very helpful. This record aids you to prepare parenting plan that can be submitted in the court for child custody.

#4: Hire a child custody lawyer: In order to win the child custody, you need an expert divorce lawyer who knows how to handle child custody cases. Do all your research before hiring a child custody or divorce lawyer for your case.

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