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Shipping wine is not a simple task. It requires extensive knowledge of laws related to it. In case of ignorance, legal issues can result in delay in the shipment and even confiscating it by governments. These laws are different in different countries and vary from state to state also. Generally, countries other than the U.S do not pose complex laws and has comparatively simple procedures and paper works for shipping of wine that means less hurdles and smooth procedures. But in the U.S almost every state has different regulations and laws, when it comes to shipping of wine, which if not known can cause a great deal of trouble. So, let’s get an overview about courier services.

Various states in the U.S and their regulations

There are some states in the U.S which impose lenient and soft laws when it comes to shipping the wine. These states are Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota, California, Illinois, Oregon, Iowa, West Virginia, Washington, New Mexico and Wisconsin. One can easily ship in or ship out the wine to and from these states. But it is not as simple with other states in the U.S as in many of them it can be considered illegal to ship alcohol and alcoholic beverages. In some states the quantity in which one is shipping wine is monitored and restricted to some amount. Some states total restrictions or partial ban on shipping the liquor. Also, one requires a license to ship wine in some states.

Shipping wine through courier services

Courier services can be used to ship consignment of wine around the world. Companies like FedEx, UPS and DHL provides high quality in time services in delivering the goods. Generally these companies are well aware of the rules and regulations required to ship the wine but this doesn’t mean that one who wants to ship alcohol can sit back after signing a few papers. In many cases the documentation should be electronic. The packaging must be in accordance to the specific rules like it should be made of molded polystyrene and the box of the bottle should be crafted of corrugated cardboard. One can easily check these requirements with the courier company and fulfill them before dispatching the consignment.

Beforehand research is must!

Research about the laws and procedures before shipping the wine can save you many troubles and hurdles. You can easily search many buyers and sellers of wine online through Google and get the related information. If you want to ship it in the U.S then search for the related people from the U.S only as they can tell you practical ways to deal the situation.

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