The Labor Laws You Should Know About!

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Virginia is one of many states which are situated on the West Atlantic shore of the USA. The nickname of the state of Virginia is “Old Dominion”. This state is also popularly known as the mother of presidents also. So far as the labor laws are concerned, it’s undoubtedly not quite bad in Virginia.

Labor laws in Virginia 

  1. Employment at Will

If you read through the labor laws in Virginia you’ll certainly find this law to be one of the laws that are most important. However, you should not be too frustrated. There are some points as well which the employer will need to take into account. The company must make certain that he has the legal motives before he decides to terminate any employee. Normally the reasons are taken out from the contract which is signed by the employee. Once a contract is signed by an employee he must obey each purpose that has been mentioned in the contract and the same applies to the employer too.

  1. Termination of an employee without legal notice

Termination of an employee without legal notice undoubtedly not permitted the same has also been discussed earlier. Nevertheless this point needs further explanation. The employers are not allowed to terminate any employee on the grounds of age, gender, religion, national origin, disability as well as pregnancy. If any company is found guilty on this account then the firm can definitely be penalized.

  1. Family or Medical Leave

As per the labor laws in Virginia are concerned, those employees who are found to be eligible for family or medical leave can take the medical leave of 12 weeks. However they will not be paid for this leave. According to the law that employee is allowed to take this kind of leave who has worked for at least 12 months with the same company. The present employer will additionally need to ensure he’s worked during the past 12 months.

  1. State labor laws posters

The posters of the State labor laws are to be posted in possible places of the office. This is made a strict rule as this is how an employee gets to know about them.

These are just some of the state labor laws. Both the company as well as the worker must make sure that they follow it. Otherwise serious action might be taken against them. A labor law attorney would come to your rescue under such circumstances.

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