The Overview of the Penalties of the DUI

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The DUI laws or as a matter of fact in any state keep changing. With changing times and laws the penalties for the same are also becoming severe by day by. The law makers always tend to use the DUI laws to portray themselves as tough and strict and this certainly has an positive effect on their political careers.

With the laws changing from time to time, it gets really important for the residents to know about the same and also the penalties of the Virginia DUI laws.

The Virginia DUI penalties

Any individual who is charged with a DUI in Virginia will have his or her driving licence suspended for a certain period of time and this depends on the kind of conviction. The refusal to take a breath test which is done to check the alcohol in the blood level is considered as same as that it is charged with DUI. But this does not mean you are indeed guilty of DUI.

The Initial steps of DUI conviction

Any individual who is convicted of DUI in Virginia for the first time will have his/her:

  • Drivers licence suspended for about a year
  • If the level of alcohol in your blood is higher than 0.15 then you need to place the ignition interlock device on your vehicle.
  • The fine can approximately be $250
  • You might also face penalties up to $2500 and also can be jailed for about a year.

The Second DUI Conviction

 The penalty of the second conviction can depend entirely on the duration of the occurrence of the first DUI conviction. The penalty can include:

  • Fine of up to $250
  • The confinement of jail of up to a month to 20 days
  • 10 days additional confinement to jail in case the blood alcohol level is in between 0.15% to 0.20%.

If there is also a third conviction which occurs within 5 years of the occurrence of the second DUI then:

  • You can be considered as a Class 6 Felony
  • $1000 mandatory fine and a jail sentence of about 90 days.

To fetch more info on the same, it is highly advised to consult a DUI attorney.

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