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Almost every accident victim in Virginia faces a dilemma; do they settle with the funds they get from the insurance company or do they hire the services of an attorney? Many of the insurance companies try and settle the personal injury claims by themselves even before the victim consults an attorney. They always believe that they can settle for less as many victims do not go to hire the services of personal injury lawyers. But any automobile victim needs to speak to an attorney before he decides to wave off any rights.

There are some frequently asked questions which we have tried to answer. These are about the automobile accident cases and the Virginia personal injury.

Will I have a case?

Whenever there is a scene of an accident, make sure the police arrive on time and they charge the defendant.  As Virginia follows a contributory negligence jurisdiction, if the other person is more at fault, there are chances of your claim to be barred totally. So, act smart.

What can be the worth of my case?

It is not easy to place a dollar figure when it comes to the dollar figure for your personal claim. There are a number of factors which determine the same like the type of injury, the damage caused to the vehicle, the treatment duration and also the medical expenses incurred. Hence, it is advised to contact a personal injury lawyer who can help with the needed information.

How long can I take to file a personal injury case in Virginia?

It is suggested to contact an attorney as soon as the accident occurs. Anyone can file a case within two years from the date of occurrence of the accident. The soon you speak to an attorney it gets much easier and more effective for the lawyer to gather the needed evidence from the witnesses.

What can a personal injury lawyer do to help me?

If your personal injury lawyer is good enough, he will help to

  • Document the personal injury caused.
  • Gathers the needed evidence like medical records, invoices, photos etc.
  • Helps to negotiate for a fair settlement with the insurance company
  • He will also present the trail in the court in case the insurance company fails to settle the claim.

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