The Questions You Need To Ask Your DUI Lawyer Before You Hire

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DUI Lawyer

Are you charged with DUI or driving under the influence in Virginia? Now that you need a legal representation to fight these charges, you would be wondering as to which attorney would best suit your needs. Listed below are some questions which you need to ask any attorney in Virginia before you hire them for the services. This would help you to understand if they have the right experience and competency to handle your case.

Questions to ask

How long has he been in practice?

Never be happy with an X years as your answer. Do check for the experience he has a Virginian DUI lawyer.

Experience with the DUI cases

A number of lawyers always focus on criminal cases, but you need to focus on the DUI experience of your lawyer.

Which lawyer from the office is handling the case?

Never assume that the lawyer whom you talk to would actually handle your case. Some of the law firms do share the cases. So, it is smart to know in advance as to who would handle your case.

When and where has the lawyer been as a prosecutor before?

This helps as a lawyer with a prosecutorial background can be a valuable asset as they would know the state laws of DUI.

The number of jury trials argued

Do check if the lawyer has indeed argued some good number of trails. A lawyer, who spends a good amount of time on their desk instead of in the court, does not reflect any experience.

Was he ever disciplined by the state bar?

You also need to check if there was any disciplinary action taken against the lawyer by the court. If they did it itself speaks about their competency.

The challenges in your case

Do check with your lawyer about the various challenges in your case as it would help you to analyse how well he understands your case. No proper answer can indicate that he does not know what he/she is doing.

Once involved in a DUI, your Virginia lawyer is one who stands in between you and the jail time. He is the one who can save you from any penalty or suspensions. So, be smart and make a wise decision by choosing the right DUI lawyer in Virginia.

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